Event Info

The Konopiště Open 2023 events are two prestigious international disc golf tournaments. More than 350 players from all around Europe and USA will participate. The Amateur event is going to take place from June 9th to 11th, 2023 and the PDGA EuroTour event is going to take place from June 16th to 18th, 2023. Both events will be played on the same temporary disc golf course (Franz Ferdinand), which is located in the Konopiště castle park, near Benešov, Czech Republic. Konopiště disc golf events started back in 2013 with the Czech Disc Golf Championship. Since then they keep getting bigger every year, past events include Disc Golf World Tour, EuroTour, PDGA Major and European Disc Golf Championship.

Czech Disc Golf Association Is the Main Organizer

The organising team consists of Czech Disc Golf Association representatives, the proDiscgolf.net crew and members of various disc golf clubs who helped with the event in the past. More than 50 organizers and volunteers will be helping with the event.

Organizační tým je složený ze zástupců České asociace discgolfu, eshopu proDiscgolf.cz a členů discgolfových klubů, kteří se na organizaci velkých turnajů na Konopišti podíleli v minulosti nebo se v minulých letech mistrovství Evropy přímo zúčastnili. S organizací akce bude přímo na místě vypomáhat přes 50 osob. V rámci organizace akce také úzce spolupracujeme s Městem Benešov.

About Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a flying disc sport that is based on the rules of golf. The goal of the game is to throw the disc from the tee to a special disc golf basket in the least amount of throws. Player which takes the least amount of throws to play through the whole course (usually 9 to 18 holes) is the winner. Right now there are more than 140 permanent disc golf courses in the Czech Republic and more than 10 000 courses in the world.