Spectator rounds available!

One of the best courses in Europe and in the world, in a scenic park, designed by mr. Jussi Meresmaa. There are quite a few disc golf players who hope to play it one day. The time has come – spectator rounds for Konopiště Open 2018 are announced!

We already spent almost a full week on site, preparing the marvelous Franz Ferdinand course. It is not quite ready just yet, but it will be on Sunday, July 8th.

Sunday, July 8th

Spectator rounds day. The course will be available for all (paying) players to come. It is also pay to play (100 CZK or 4€ per day), so please make sure to visit us at our booth (proDiscgolf.cz) outside the Nova Myslivna Hotel, which is right beside the big parking lot at Konopiště.

All players who want to play must pay, our building crew will still work on the course and will check your payment proofs regularly.

Monday – Wednesday, July 9th to 11th

The course will be closed for public all day, only Konopiště Open 2018 players will be allowed to play.

Thursday – Saturday, July 12th to 14th

Yes, these are the days when the big tournament is played. However, we decide to open the course for public once more. Each day, spectators and other visitors can play, starting at 16:00 from hole 1. The fee is 100 CZK, or 4€ per day. Or you can get a 3 day permit for 250 CZK (10€). This fee must be paid before the round at the tournament center in Hotel Nova Myslivna.

All players who will come to try out the course will receive an original Disc Golf Metrix Konopiště Open scorecard to mark their scores.

Please note that even the Konopiště Challenger players must pay the fee if they want to play the big course (Franz Ferdinand). Also the Konopiště Open players are not allowed to play or practice holes during the tournament days (from Thursday to Sunday). All players who will violate this rule must know that it might result in their disqualification.