Major Event: Front 9 Course Introduction

Franz Ferdinand. One of the longest courses in Europe and the world. In our opinion, the most scenic one. The Konopiště castle park is simply breathtaking. The holes are designed by the course designer extraordinaire – Jussi Meresmaa.

Pictures tell way more than words, at least in this case. That’s why we sent out one of our staff photographers to do his best to catch the overall atmosphere and feeling.

Hole 1 is a rather tough starting hole. Downhill par 3 with OB on the left side (if you hit it, you must go to the drop zone) and trees on the right. Usually very windy.

Hole 2 is an uphill zigzag par 4. It is pretty tough to reach the sweet spot and almost impossible to reach the pin from anywhere else but the sweet spot.

Hole 3 is the first par 5 on the course. Zigzag, up and down, fairway leaning to the left. Eagle is almost impossible get, even a birdie is pretty tough.

Hole 4, long and uphill par 3 with a unexpectedly narrow fairway. Aced by Paul McBeth in 2016.

Hole 5 is a tricky par 4 where the tee shot is really important. It can lead to a birdie (or bogey) easily right after releasing it.

The 6th hole starts a stretch of three par 3s where you can get three birdies if you play them right. Downhill and around a big tree. That is all it takes to get there.

Hole 7 is another wooded uphill par 3. The fairway is pretty wide, but most golfers want their discs to flex to get the distance. So it is actually not very wide.

Hole 8 is the shortest and also most aced hole of the course. Sidearm or anhyzer, both options work quite well. You just need to hit the gap and do not skip right.

Closing the front 9 is hole 9 (surprisingly). It is a long (like really long) and downhill par 4 which takes two perfect shots or a real big arm to birdie.

That is it for the front 9! Stay tuned for tomorrow to get some more pre-event vibes and back 9 introduction. Make sure to follow us on our instagram and facebook to get the most info you can!