Major Event: Back 9 Course Introduction

The second half of Franz Ferdinand is longer than the first. It is the real deal. It has OBs, water, trees, everything. Come see our pictures and description of holes 10 to 18.

Hole 10 is a really long turnover shot or a sidearm. It is located in a scenic place under some really old trees, so make sure to look around when you get there!

Hole 11 is the second longest hole on the course. It has seen quite a few eagles and will probably see more this year, because of some fallen trees due to a rather stormy spring.

Hole 12 is most likely the trickiest one. The tee shot is tough and you need to have a great position to have a real chance for a birdie. Water included.

13 is that deep breath you take when the tension wears of (for a while). It is a par 3 that is quite short and down hill. If you do not end up on the right, you will be alright.

Hole nr. 14 is another zigzag, uphill and long par 4. First a long shot that fades left, then a long shot that flies forever.

Hole nr. 15 is pretty straightforward. Long straight drive followed by a upshot to a narrowing green should get you what you want.

Hole 16 is the last and final par 5 of the course. The tee shot is incredibly tough, then the fairway opens up and closes again just before the green. Distance does it.

The 17th hole is a steep uphill par 4 with OB all the way on the left side. You need quite a bit of power to get there. It has witnessed some serious drama in 2016, when Simon Lizotte did Simon things.

The last hole of Franz Ferdinand course is a downhill par 3 that truly tests the limits of most players. Some throw putters, others throw drivers. It really is up to you, but keep in mind that it is pretty difficult to navigate through the narrow fairway so long.

That’s it, Franz Ferdinand is now fully introduced! We hope you like the course!

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