Konopiště Open 2018 – Second Round Recap

The chains were ringing throughout the Konopiště castle park even more today. Konopiště Challenger has begun and more than 300 players were playing disc golf in the beautiful surroundings. The weather was great, only one 5 minute shower, wind was moderate.

Eagle Spreading His Wings

Eagle McMahon envisioning his shot. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

Mind boggles over Eagle McMahon’s yesterday -16 record setting round. Eagle played birdies on 16 holes, had only 2 pars over the first round. During the second round, things were a bit different. Slow start led to two pars, but then he (again) got onto the birdie train. Birdied all holes from 3 to 9, than had one par on 10 which led to an eagle on 11. He was one of the five guys who eagled hole 11 today (along with a Czech youngster Jakub Semerád from Hostačov). He’s shown his putting expertise on the last hole of the round, finishing his round with a back-to-back -16. He repeated his record, kept himself in top and now has a comfortable lead of 6 strokes.

The Best European – From Finland

Seppo Paju, European Champion 2014. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

Seppo Paju, European Champion from 2014 had a bogey-free second round. Because of that, he actually topped his first round performance to a very strong -14. He missed a couple putts and had an ace run on hole 4 (actually hit the chains but the disc did not stay in the basket). His result could have actually been even better. Nevertheless he found himself at second place, losing 6 strokes to the leader.

McBeast heating up

Paul McBeth, 4 time World Champion, must be happier with his second round. He learned from his mistakes (two bogeys) from round one, added one more birdie and shot a bogey-free -14, totalling at -25, 3rd place together with Simon Lizotte. They will complete the lead card for tomorrow.

Current World Champion Back In the Game?

Ricky Wysocki, two time World Champion. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

Richard Wysocki, who must have been very dissapointed after his first round, showed why he is who he is. He was -11 after 10 holes, but slowed down a bit. However, still managed to repeat Eagle’s record setting round of -16 and moved himself up to a solo 5th place, losing 5 strokes to the leading McMahon. He will play on a chase card together with Will Schusterick, Karl Johan Nybo and Devan Owens.

Winds Of North In FPO


Eveliina Salonen, 2016 European Champion. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

Eveliina Salonen, 19 year old European Champion from Finalnd shot a 995 rated -5, which is way above her rating. That lead to some reorganizing in FPO division. The only American player, Catrina Allen, who was in the lead after a solid first round, was actually overtaken by another Finnish youngster Henna Blomroos. The FPO lead card will be completed by Estonia’s Kristin Tattar.

Czech stars rising to the top

The second round ended up being much better for Jakub Knápek (4x Czech Junior Champion) and couple others. With his -9 (1026 rated) 2nd round, he found himself at 28th place, which he shares with great names such as Gregg Barsby. The second round was also better for the highest rated player of Czech Republic, Lukáš Filandr, who played a solid -5, same as Jakub Kudrna. Our only FPO player got better too, carding +9.


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