Konopiště Open 2018 – 3rd Round Recap

More than 300 players who are attending one of the two tournaments – Konopiště Open or Konopiště Challenger, could not have said a single bad word about weather today. The wind was calm, only came in play a couple times, the temperature was decent and sun was shining. Many people came to see the best players in the world. Most spectators were (not surprisingly) following the lead card and chase card.

Eagle McMahon extends his lead

Eagle McMahon, youngster from USA who is leading by 9. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

After he played a back-to-back -16, he did not just get a large fan base, but also a solid 6 strokes lead over the second player. He carded an unfortunate bogey on hole 4 after an unexpected rollaway. That did not slow him down at all, though, as he carded 15 birdies in the rest of the round and totalled at -14. The strongest part of this game was putting inside the, circle – with 100% succes rate. He actually hit two outside the circle putts as wall. He almost got the very first eagle on hole 16, but left his putt just a bit low. In the end, he played the best round of the day and extended his lead to 9 strokes over the second place.

Paul McBeth started out slowly

Paul McBeth, 4 time World Champion. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

When Paul McBeth stepped upon the first hole’s tee, everyone expected he’s going to #beastmode (#beefmode) to catch the others. All imaginations were found out to be wrong, when wind caught his disc and took it to OB. He reached circle’s edge from the drop zone, but had a rare three putt. That also destroyer his inside the circle statistics, as he only reached 80% success rate. He managed to put out the fire after this fatal mistake and played the rest of the round quite decently, carding an eagle on 11. He is losing 11 strokes to the leader – Eagle McMahon and will be the first to tee off on the chase card.

Ricky Wysocki did not fulfill the expectations

We informed you yesterday that the current World Champ is on a hunt, playing -16 in the 2nd round. We were expecting a comparable result from him today. He did not, though. Too many pars, a double putt, OB on hole number 12, that’s the sum up of Ricky’s round today. We’ll see what happens during the final round and whether he manages to score well and reach the podium. As usual, his putting percentage inside the circle was 100%, but he struggled with hitting his drives and upshots, reaching only 44% in green hits, which is definitely not enough for a player of his caliber.

Simon Lizotte struggles but his results do not

Simon Lizotte, former world distance record holder. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe

Even though he carded a solid result of -12, one could really tell that he was very mad at himself. Too many drives were not enough in his opinion and he often missed his putts by bare centimeters. He has shown his unlimited possibilities on hole 12, when he decided to go for an alternative anhyzer route to reach the basket from the tee. He is not a very conservative player, everybody knows that. Unfortunately he caught a top of some tree and found himself just short of the pond. Even after that, he was still the closest to the pin, threw a great upshot and carded a birdie. He was 100% inside the circle and 0% outside of it.

The Finnish reign in FPO

It seems that Eveliina Salonen, current European Champion, does not want to let the gold slip out of her hands. Her good friend Henna Blomroos is still keeps it in a very short distance, though. He played a fantastic -3 round today and is only 3 strokes behind Eveliina. Five strokes behind Henna rests the only American female player of this year’s Konopiště Open – Catrina Allen, 2014 World Champion. One can tell that Franz Ferdinand (the Konopiště Open course) does not fit Catrina’s game and is giving her a really hard time. The tournament has ended prematurely for the only Czech Woman playing, Eva Králová. She did not make the cut by 10 strokes.

Filandr overtook Knápek, currently he is the best Czech player of the  tournament

Most Czech players were struggling on the course today. That cannot be said about Lukáš Filandr, who played a solid -5 and found himself one stroke ahead of his compatriot Jakub Knápek, who scored +2 after only 4 bad holes. Michael Rádl also played rather well, carding a -4, but falling short of tomorrows final round by a single stroke.

Lukáš Filandr, 5 time Czech Champion. Photo credit: Eino Ansio & Innova Europe


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3rd round results on PDGA

3rd round results on Disc Golf Metrix