Contest: Win an Original Konopiště Open T-shirt

If you want to show everyone that you were at Konopiště Open, this is the perfect way. Take part in our contest and win an original Konopiště Open t-shirt. Share photos of you and Konopiště Open players and win an t-shirt with Konopiště Open logo.

Just go to the course or to the tournament center, find a Konopiště Open 2018 player, ask him for a photo and take a selfie with him, add it to your facebook and instagram with these hashtags #konopisteopen, #discgolf and #chcitricko. Each day of the tournament, we will draw two lucky winners who will get the t-shirts.


  • There must be you and at least one player of Konopiště Open 2018 (not Konopiště Challenger) on the picture and it must not be older than 24 hours.
  • The photo description must include at least these three hashtags (all of them): #konopisteopen, #discgolf, #chcitricko.
  • To pump up your chances, you can upload a photo to both facebook and instagram – you will get your name to the drawing machine twice. Each participant may only be in the machine twice per day (using facebook + instagram), any extra photos (more than 1) from one participant in one social network will not be included.
  • Warning, each photo may only be used once.
  • Every day between 20.00 and 22.00 we will draw two winners (follow the facebook page). We will draw small pieces of paper with participants’ names and accounts from a hat. Two papers will be drawn each day.
  • The contest starts at midnight from Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 11th, first raffle will be made on Wednesday July 11th between 20-22:00.
  • The winners shall pick up their t-shirts in the tournament pro shop in the days after the announcement.
  • Participants may take part in the competition more than once (e.g. each day). They must use current (new) photos at all times.
  • The contests starts at midnight from July 10th to 11th and ends at 20:00 on July 15th.
  • Main organizers and their family are not allowed to participate.
  • The organizer reserves the right to adjust these rules if needed.